web design

Our pricing is variable depending on the size of job - we tend to charge by the hour but should be able to give you a reasonable time quote once we've heard your proposal. Obviously if the design is changed during the project this will increase the duration, and if you want it done in a short amount of time the hourly price will increase. We always try to be reasonable as many of our clients are students or small businesses - so if you want us to work for you please contact us, whatever your budget.


As well as designing your site we can set up servers, register a domain name and host it for you. If we design your site then the initial cost of setting up your server will be included in the design fee. There will be an additional cost of £5 for .co.uk domains, and £10 for .com domains. Ask us about pricing for other domain names.

For standard hosting we charge £5 per month. For this price you will get:

  • 500MB of storage space
  • FTP access to your storage space
  • Full support for a number of scripting languages
  • One MySQL database
  • Email support

If you need more advanced hosting, more storage space or anything else not mentioned here, please contact us and we'll see what we can do.