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Welcome to our portfolio; we're proud of all the websites we've created for people, so have a look at the work we've done. If you like what you see why not contact us about your own website idea?

Click the titles or thumbnails for a more detailed description of the site - what we were asked to do, how we went about doing it and what we think of the results.

Hild Bede SRC

After a number of years with a website that was difficult to manage we redesigned this college website, creating a new content management system in the process. Now not only does the SRC have a great platform for posting news, informing students and carrying out elections, but the same tool can be made available to other colleges who feel the need for something new.

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European Youth Parliament UK

Our site for this charity began with a logo and the desire to look professional to attract sponsorship. It is important for charities to get across as much information as possible to potential investors or partners and our design aimed to maximise this with clear navigation, upfront information and a few scattered photos to add visual appeal and promote the charity's work.

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Ground Control

Our first stand alone product brings the day to day running of a skydiving dropzone into the 21st century. All data is stored in the cloud, users can access features on a streamlined mobile interface and carry out transactions online. This system demonstrates how well designed websites with a focus on usability can improve efficiency in operations management.

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National Skydive Bookings

When starting an online venture its important to better current offerings and offer users a great experience. For National Skydive Bookings we did just this, throwing away the rule book and prioritising speed and simplicity - doing more work so that users wouldn't have to. The finished product is already a top player in the tandem skydiving market for the UK.

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Alexander Bursk

A Manchester Accountant wanted a new website to go along with Search Engine Optimisation. We took the content from their old site and put it into a content management system with a modern, easy to navigate theme. Now they can update their own content, post news and easily manage contact enquiries, whilst letting the site's clear code and auto-sitemaps do the SEO for them.

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StuRents is an up-and-coming student property website, and our design reflects that. Its main draw is the speed of finding houses - as soon as a user chooses a location they're presented with a few simple search options and a map. From arriving visitors can see search results in two clicks, view a profile in three and shortlist the house or message the landlord in four.

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Meridith Towne

Dressmaker and Costume Historian, Meridith Towne wanted a website to advertise her unique skills and fledgling business. She needed a simple site that didn't overwhelm but got across important information, all whilst looking the part in a style conscious industry. We took a photo of her work and built a site around it, keeping the focus on the product over the whole design.

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Cambridge Personal Development

A local entrepreneur started a business and needed a way to advertise it without spending a lot of money. We provided a simple yet attractive website to provide important information to potential clients, and give them a way to communicate their ideas. We then added a simple booking system to save time and effort organising everything through emails and phone calls

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Coloured Glass UK

We took a novel approach to trade sales with this specialised online shop. Instead of classic product lists and shopping carts we created an interactive page, offering colour selections, size choices and instant pricing of orders to make ordering as quick and easy as possible. We also provided design advice for the company to create the rest of the content on the site.

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A new business selling vintage & retro furniture needed a website to present their unique and quirky brand to the world, and to manage their sales and acquisition process. We created an eye-catching design, and a modern easy to use website to help them sell.

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Aidan's JCR

The Aidan's JCR website is there to keep students informed of events at college, but also allow them to participate in them. Built around a system of committees well suited to a JCR the site incorporates submissions for places at events, voting in college elections and contributions of photos and information from the student body.

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Stephenson JCR

Conveying the nature of a vibrant student body in a website is difficult. However this site not only looks good and gets across the message of the JCR, but also provides features for students to interact with their college, providing forums for discussion, submissions for events and meals and even voting for student representatives.

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Durham Model United Nations

This student society needed a website quickly and we managed to deliver. As well as making a presentable site to sell their event we also implemented Google Checkout to get an easy to use payment system up in a short amount of time. The site was finished on time and the event was a great success.

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