1-Web Services


Welcome to 1-Web Services, an award winning web development company. We're highly proficient in all aspects of web development, with a particular focus on cloud computing and web applications.


We offer:

  • Cloud computing for management
  • Web applications & startup support
  • Mobile web development
  • Commercial web strategy consulting
  • Simple and affordable hosting plans

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We work with:

  • HTML5 & CSS3 for up to date, unique websites
  • PHP & MySQL for interactive and scalable content
  • jQuery for a dynamic user experience
  • Custom CMS solutions for each business area
  • Dual core servers for fast performance

Cloud Computing

The future is on the cloud, and we can help you get there. With the world of business moving ever faster, and demanding more flexible access, desktop software doesn't cut it any more. Cloud computing takes your business data and puts it on the internet, safely backed up, with secure access available anywhere.

  • Get at your information anywhere - in the office, on the train on your laptop, or on the move on your mobile.
  • Everyone is used to using websites; let staff spend less time clicking and more time with your customers.
  • Rapid upgrades and bug fixes - websites can be updated in seconds, no more waiting weeks for software patches.
  • Websites are flexible and we can work on site to tune the site to meet your business' needs.

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Web Apps & Startups

We're fascinated by the possibilities the internet offers today, and the many sites and apps that let people harness its power to solve every day problems. So many people have ideas that could turn into great web apps, but lack the expertise to see their visions come to life. That's where we come in - as well as apps we're making ourselves we'd love to work with you to realise an idea, and can be very flexibile about how we work for such unique and interesting business opportunities. We can provide:

  • Expertise in slick user interfaces and information architecture to make your app easy to use
  • Graphic design, modern web technologies and accesibility
  • Experience using social media to promote new websites
  • Advice on monetisation, business expansion and new features

Commercial Websites

A commercial website is an essential tool for a business, but just having a website isn't enough. Does your website:

  • Look good, modern and easy-to-read?
  • Let users find what they're looking for without having to contact you?
  • Work on mobiles, work without Flash and without making users download PDFs or DOCs?
  • Give customers the opportinity to book, order or purchase online?

If the answer to any of those questions is no, then we can help you out. We offer redesigns, fresh opinions, consultancy and advice (and the last one's free!) for any size of business - from local sellers to local government our services are cost effective and get results.

We also do Hosting & Domain Names, for any size of website.